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Is there a more perfect time to ‘remember’ than right this instant? When a thought is still fresh in your mind!

  • A time to remember people…friends, family, and loved ones – those that are with us and those that are no longer with us.
  • A time to remember places…where we’ve been; what we’ve seen, what we’ve done and places we have yet to see.
  • A time to remember events…those we’ve been there for, and those we’ve missed.
  • And a time to remember our past and what lies ahead…experiences that have made us who we are and those we look forward to in the future.

What better way to keep those precious and timeless memories and dreams alive and forever in our thoughts than with Original Keepsake Ornaments.

About Us

We began as most other small businesses begin, by creating gifts for friends and family members. As word spread, we started to create Original Keepsake Ornaments for any occasion for people all over the country.

Original Keepsake Ornaments was started in a spare room at our home, and after a few years, we’re still here.  Why you ask? Because each Original Keepsake Ornament is lovingly handcrafted by us…and that’s  how we plan to remain.

As you go through our website, you will see some of the moments we have forever captured in ornaments we’ve created!

Imagine the possibilities!

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Mouse over each ornament!
Keepsake daughters ornament
Keepsake daughters ornament
Keepsake daughters ornament